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We're making slow fashion cool again.

Printing process

All Threadheads garments, prints and mugs are printed on-demand using DTG, which eliminates the waste commonly caused by overproduction in the fashion & apparel industry. We use water-based pigment inks that are OEKO-TEX certified and CPSIA compliant

Why do you print orders on demand?

Haven’t you noticed the world is on fire? We’re just trying to do our little bit to put it out. When we print on demand, we considerably reduce the chances of wastage. It also means we pay close attention to every order. So, we rarely send out the wr

Packaging and waste

We asked our mates at HeapsGood Packaging to answer some questions about our packaging 🐨 🇦🇺. TLDR: We use fully compostable shipping mailers that are plant-based and contain zero plastic. How should Threadheads customers compost ecomailers?. Our b

Are Threadheads ethical?

The answer is a loud and reverberating, "Absobloodyutely, babyyyy" 📣. All of our garments are manufactured by our Threadheads textile lab in China (APAC) or Stanley/Stella (EU), who ethically source their products from Bangladesh (one of the largest