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Are Threadheads ethical?Updated 7 months ago

The answer is a loud and reverberating, "Absobloodyutely, babyyyy" 📣

All of our garments are manufactured by our Threadheads textile lab in China (APAC) or Stanley/Stella (EU), who ethically source their products from Bangladesh (one of the largest textile and garment-producing hubs in the world).

All the factories are routinely audited to ensure they meet ethical standards relating to work conditions, minimum remuneration, workers' benefits etc. They're obsessed with social responsibility. Like really obsessed. Like, think a magpie swooping a cyclist obsessed. And they're deliberate and transparent with everything concerning sustainability — from responsible sourcing to eliminating plastics from their supply chain.

Oh, and we also print everything on demand, which means we don't just produce printed t-shirts willy-nilly. And besides, we'd need a giant warehouse the size of King Kong's bathtub if we had to hold all our thousands of designs in stock. All returns and items with minor imperfections are donated to the legends at Thread Together, who clothe the homeless and disadvantaged in Australia.

TLDR: Super ethical brand trying to give the flick to fast fashion one print-on-demand graphic t-shirt at a time 🌱

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