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Product & Sizing

Threads so soft you won't believe they're not butter!

Printing process

Based in Melbourne, we're a sustainable and print-on-demand small business. Our handling time is a little longer than other companies who have everything pre-printed in giant factories as we do everything by hand!. After you place an order, our wareh

Size guide

You can find a size chart next to the size options on every product page!. You can see more information below to find your perfect size 👕.

Changes to existing designs

We will do our best to made your dreams come true, but only if you give us everything we need!Please email us at [email protected] with the below information:. If we're able to create your masterpiece, we will send you a custom invoice to be paid

Materials and manufacturing

Our team of local legends at Threadheads HQ care about the planet and the people on it!. All of our threads are designed, printed, packed and posted from Melbourne 🐨. All our threads are printed, packed, and posted from Melbourne, Australia. All of