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Printing processUpdated a year ago

Based in Melbourne, we're a sustainable and print-on-demand small business. Our handling time is a little longer than other companies who have everything pre-printed in giant factories as we do everything by hand!

After you place an order, our warehouse wizards find your thread of choice and start printing!

We use water-based pigment inks that are OKEO-TEXT certified and CPSIA compliant and print all our garments using the DTG method (direct to garment printing), which isn't a heat press transfer/rubber coating. 

This method is not only friendly to our environment, but it allows us to achieve long lasting sharp images and beautiful vivid colours. Seriously - you can wash 'em a million times and the print will stay vibrant and groovy.

Our print quality is one of our trademarks and this is backed up by over 5,000 five star reviews from our customers around the world ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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