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Content creators

We're a small Aussie start-up looking for UGC creators and micro-influencers that are happy to receive product in exchange for some screen time. There's only a few of us in our warehouse and we don't have enough hands (or bodies) to capture content a

Artist FAQ

Can I send my designs to Threadheads?. Threadheads is an invite-only platform, so we usually reach out to artists ourselves. If you're interested in joining, please send us your portfolio or Instagram and we'll keep it on file for future consideratio


We could list a thousand reasons why you should work at Threadheads, but that would require us to think of a thousand reasons. Know this: We're pretty open-minded, very diverse and love ABBA.If you're keen on joining our gang, we'd recommend checking

Investor Hub

Thanks for believing in us - here are some common questions we get:. Can I cash out or withdraw my shares?Unfortunately it's not possible for us to cash out investments or sell shares back. A liquidity event like the sale of the business, or going pu