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Investor HubUpdated a year ago

Thanks for believing in us - here are some common questions we get:

Can I cash out or withdraw my shares?
Unfortunately it's not possible for us to 
cash out investments or sell shares back. A liquidity event like the sale of the business, or going public is required for withdrawal. Please know we are working day and night to get us all a fabulous return in the future 💰

Can I update my details?

We don't have access to Birchal's database to update your personal information, we would recommend reaching out to Birchal directly so they can assist you. You can send them a love letter at [email protected]

You never sent my investor code!

We did - but it's probably fallen victim to your spam folder! If you have a look and still can't find it, please reach out to our team and they'll find your magic code.

Investor codes are valid for our lifetime, however they're not able to be used in conjunction with other sale promotions or discount codes. You can continue to use your investor discount forever - just not on top of other sales. We'll go broke and then we both lose!

If you have any other questions we haven't covered, please reach out to our team and they'll help out 💌

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