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Changes to existing designsUpdated a year ago

We will do our best to made your dreams come true, but only if you give us everything we need!

Please email us at [email protected] with the below information:

  • Design name
  • Size and colour: please only select a colour variation listed for the design
  • Product type: shirt, long sleeve, sweater or hoodie 
  • Shipping: standard ($5) or express ($10) shipping

If we're able to create your masterpiece, we will send you a custom invoice to be paid before we print your threads!

Please note:
Sometimes our team of awesome graphic illustrators have art specifically designed to be printed on a certain colour / background.

For example, The Great Ramen Wave (see below) was designed without the black detail because it is intended to be printed on a black t-shirt for the detail to show. If we were to print this design on a white shirt you would loose all the detail.

We will ask our team if a customisation is possible and let you know the outcome. We take pride in our threads so only want you to have the best quality on the planet!

Please see below for comparison:
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